Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Critic is Rewarded

Good news! Pat the hoarder has bestowed me with the basket of blue glass.

At least temporarily. The reason? She's putting an addition onto her house so she can hoard more stuff (oy vey!) and, consequently, the window where the glass is usually displayed will be removed when the contractors come. Caveat? I must return the blue glass when her addition is done if she decides that she wants it back.

Here's how it all went down. Pat has been stopping by unannounced at my home at inconvient times. She helps herself to some coffee and sits outside while I am working. She notices the basket of blue glass sitting outside and it's bugging her for days but she doesn't say anything.

Finally, yesterday, she drops by with her friend while they are out for a bike ride. I tell her I have her basket of blue glass. "I KNOW!" she says, "What do you have it for?" So I start to tell her that I took it because she wasn't using it and that I wrote a hoarder post about it. She interrupts me and explains that the blue glass is important because she needs it to balance out the blue glass in her other window and that everything is a reflective match.

I try to tell her I already knew this and that I wrote about it in the blog but she's waving me off because this is her story goddammit! So I let it go. I can tell she is quite proud of her symmetry so I decide not to tell her about the mismatched curtains. If I tell her that it will tick slowly inside her until she is then forced to buy new curtains. Anyhow, the point might be mute because the front of her house will no longer be symmetric. But, we'll see if she asks for the blue glass back to make another kind of symmetry.

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