Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scissors Poll Results

The results of the poll are really close:
  • 56 pairs of scissors - 27.3%
  • 18, 27 and 31 pairs of scissors tied at 22.6%
  • 13 pairs of scissors - 4.5%
My informal household poll:
  • 13 pairs - Patrick (my brother)
  • 18 pairs - Peter (my son)
  • 27 pairs - Me (a lucky guess, before I started counting)
  • 28 pairs - Mom, hoarder extraordinare
Here are all the scissors:

The true answer is 27 pairs. However, I found another pair after the poll was underway so my Mom had the answer pegged:

I am wondering if she really knows the answer to how many of everything she has. Inquiring minds want to know.


    Oh.My.God! This made me laugh so freakin' hard!Great pics! I especially like the pair next to the glue puzzle jar...scary that I'm starting to recognize objects within the hoarde.

    Uncanny that Mom got the actual number correct though. For the hoarder to have an actual numeric inventory of every type of thing hoarded would indicate a twisted genius unimagined. Bravo!

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